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New Games. :D 6:29, 2/15/2012 ALSO, today I have discovered I can not put more than 8 games on here. There is a limit on the pages one can have on here. This makes me sad. :( Also, only post a comment if you are done with your game. It will cause it to reload for some unknown reason
Hey there everyone. I use this as my little way of playing whichever games I want. Cause sometimes I just can't find it with the schools web blocker. So, I made this. If there's a game you want me to put on here, let me know. I might not do it right away, (Yeah, surprisingly I have a life too.) but I'll try to get it in at some point in my day. Getting the game files and everything takes awhile for every game, so please be patient! Leave a message below for any game you may want. Also, if you know me personally, or I go to your school, tell me up front. It'll make it easier.

~ Jake Mauk

First Three Original Testing Games For The Site! (The Classics!)

Bullet Heaven

Touhou Similar Game, lots of Bullets! :D

Pandemic 2

You're the disease, and you gotta kill the world.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Fly around and destroy stars and try to live! Not sure what else.